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The VBA amendment to [section] 535a simplifies the circumstances under which a servicemember may invoke [section] 535a.
In the VBA, there were 6,345 responses to an identical survey (71% response rate) from employees in 57 VBA offices throughout the US.
The coordination numbers of rare-earth ions are generally 7-9 and the coordinated groups of VBA a polymer chain unit only provide two coordinated oxygen atoms for the limited hindrance and so there should be two other carboxyl groups of VBA polymer unit coordinating to [Eu.
VBA anticipates initially using an undetermined combination of manual and automated processing until it gets a permanent system up and running.
The VBA uses four programs for its leadership development: the Presidential Management Fellows Program, the Leadership Development Program, the Advanced Leadership Program, and the SES Candidate Development Program.
We hope you can use the VBA grant program to tap into the energy and talent of your members in further service to your community," O'Malley said.
Rice, Chief Operating Officer of PEC Solutions, commented, "PEC is pleased to help the VBA provide better service to our nation's disabled veterans.
Up until now, Microsoft has restricted the use of VBA to its independent software vendors.
Like FEMA, the New York VBA office is a case study in successful reinvention: They had the right man, they rethought their mission, and they focused on improving their performance.
The recent school visit, under the artistic direction of Igor Belski and engineered by VBA director Leonid L.
VBA is a development environment for customizing off-the-shelf applications and integrating them with existing applications, data, and solutions.
WASHINGTON -- The Department of Veterans Affairs announced today that the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), which oversees the delivery of disability compensation and other benefits to the nation's Veterans, processed over one million disability claims during fiscal year 2012, marking the third year in row VBA claims processors have exceeded the one million mark.