Vibrio vulnificus

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Vib·ri·o vul·ni·f'i·cus

a species capable of causing gastroenteritis and cutaneous lesions that may result in fatal septicemia, especially in a cirrhotic or immunocompromised patient; usually contracted from contaminated oysters; also a cause of wound infections, especially those associated with handling of shellfish.

Vibrio vulnificus

a halophilic (salt-tolerant) species of microorganism whose strains are similar to V. parahaemolyticus but differ in that they can ferment lactose. Infection by eating raw seafood causes septicemia, gastroenteritis, and cellulitis, and may be especially severe or even fatal in those with preexisting hepatic disease. Wound infection may occur following exposure to sea water or from injury when handling crabs.

Vibrio vulnificus

CDC group EF-3 Bacteriology A bacterium of brackish or salt water, which may contaminate oysters, and be part of the normal marine flora; may cause wound infections and septicemia, possibly also gastroenteritis 2º to exposure to contaminated water or seafood Clinical V vulnificus is a virulent noncholera vibrio; it may rarely cause acute, self-limited gastroenteritis in those receiving antibiotics; major clinical forms:
1. compromised hosts–eg, Pts with cirrhosis, V vulnificus crosses the GI mucosa, passes into the circulation and causes fever, chills, hypotension and, in most Pts, metastatic skin lesions within 36 hrs, by erythema, hemorrhagic vesicles and bullae, necrotic ulcers; the condition is fatal in12;.
2. in otherwise healthy persons, V vulnificus may cause intense cellulitis, necrotizing vasculitis and ulceration, which requires debridement Management Tetracycline; penicillin, chloramphenicol. Cf Vibrio cholerae.

Vib·ri·o vul·nif·i·cus

(vib'rē-ō vŭl-nif'i-kŭs)
A bacterial species capable of causing cutaneous lesions in an immunocompromised patient; usually contracted from contaminated oysters; also a cause of wound infections.
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