V-Y plasty

V-Y flap

a technique in which a flap is incised in the shape of a V but advanced and inset so that the resulting suture line has the shape of a Y; used to gain additional length of tissue.
Synonym(s): V-Y plasty
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V-Y plasty

(vē′wī′ plăs′tē)
A surgical method for lengthening tissues in one direction by cutting in the lines of a V, sliding the two segments apart, and closing in the lines of a Y.
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V-Y plas·ty

A surgical method for lengthening tissues in one direction by cutting in the lines of a V, sliding the two segments apart, and closing in the lines of a Y.
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Subsequently, Askar (4) published their modification of the rhomboid flap under the name "double reverse V-Y plasty".
Theoretically, 75% is gained from Z-plasty and 50% from V-Y plasty, which amounts to 125% gain (21).
frenulotomy and frenulectomy (Z-plasty, V-Y plasty), release with electrocautery or lasers8-10.
In the procedure, the proximal fragment was mobilized and fixed with the lower fragment using V-Y plasty and double-tension band wires.
The oral and maxillofacial surgeons (OMFS) with their unique background of above knowledge in their foundation studies can combine the plastic principles of Z and V-Y plasty to close two basic layers in CLAP.
In relation to its surgical treatment, various alternatives have been described including open techniques (open resection), extensive resections (incision and curettage), marsupialization, excision and primary closure, resection and rotation flaps (z-plasty, Limberg technique, Dufourmentel triple L plasty, V-Y plasty, W-plasty, and modifications of some of these) (Petersen et al., 2002; Bannura, 2003; Al-Khamis et al.; Aydin et al.; Horwood et al.; Enriquez-Navascues et al.; Yabanoglu et al.), and the asymmetric resection (Karydakis technique) (Akinci et al., 2000; Bessa, 2007).
V-Y plasty has been done in 12 cases with good results in 6 cases, fair in 4 and poor result in 2 cases.
of Good Fair Poor Cases Z-plasty 20 14 6 0 Z-plasty with skin graft 10 8 2 0 V-y plasty 12 6 4 2 Transverse incision & 8 4 2 2 Partial thickness skin graft Transverse incision & 6 4 2 0 Bipedical abdominal flap Transverse incision & Groin flap 2 2 0 0 Transverse incision & Bipedical 2 2 0 0 abdominal flap with partial thickness skin graft Total 60 40 16 4
The nose was opened using a V-Y plasty along the midphiltrum because of the soft-tissue deficiency along the columella and the need to recruit an extra skin envelope to allow closure over the grafts (figure 2).
For my lips, she suggests a V-Y plasty. V-shaped cuts are made in the inner lip and stitches behind the cuts push the tissue forward, turning the lips inside out.
The most common among them were, reconstruction with v-y plasty, if the defect is less than 3cms, reconstruction with Peroneus brevis (PB), (3, 4) or Flexor halucis longus (FHL) (5, 6) tendons transfers if the defect is more than 3cms.
The purpose of the present study was to assess the efficiency of botulinum toxin along with Lefort 1 osteotomy , and V-Y plasty in an effort to recreate smile.