Methoxsalen Dermatology An agent used for extracorporeal administration with the UVAR® photopheresis system in palliating treatment-refractory changes of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. See Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.
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FDA-approved UVADEX Sterile Solution for the palliative treatment of skin manifestations associated with Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma in patients who are unresponsive to other forms of treatment.
Here, we demonstrated that UVADEX (8-MOP) treatment, combined with UV-irradiation, is able to inactivate known insect viruses and that UVADEX treatment does not decrease APC function.
UVADEX Crosslinking of Drosophila Cell Genomic DNA Prevents Cell Growth.
Next, we wanted to address the question whether UVADEX treatment altered APC function.
To determine if UVADEX treatment alters the generation of antigen-specific CTLs, the percentage of tetramer-positive CTLs generated in the presence of UVADEX-treated or nontreated APCs was assessed.
To study the mechanism for enhancing the generation of antigen-specific CTLs by UVADEX treatment, we assume that DNA or RNA/ psoralen complexes by UVADEX treatment may mimic CpG DNA structure to activate Toll-like receptors on CD8 T cells.
This result showed that no enhancement in generating antigen-specific CD8 T cells from MyD88-/- mice both in UVADEX-treated APC and in the presence of CpG oligo comparing to CpG and UVADEX treatment effect on CTL generation from normal mice, indicating the role of CpG and UVADEX-treatment to generate more antigen-specific CTLs, may be through TLR-9.
8-MOP (UVADEX) is one of the psoralen derivatives commonly being used for the inactivation of a variety of viruses in a blood product.
1 : 1000 diluted Drosophila viral stock was pretreated or nontreated with 5 [micro]g/ml of UVADEX for 10 mins.
Mallinckrodt announced interim analysis results of its company-sponsored, Phase 3, single-arm, open-label, multi-center study assessing the efficacy of treating steroid-refractory, acute Graft-versus-Host Disease, or aGvHD, pediatric patients with Uvadex Sterile Solution in conjunction with the Therakos Cellex Photopheresis system.