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"It's complete and utter rubbish. Sebastian is fine.
"It's utter rubbish to play like that all the time."
There they sat in front of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, looking smug and warm in their nice suits - and spouted utter rubbish. Some blamed 'green taxes', others pin-pointed 'transport costs' and 'wholesale' prices - despite the fact wholesale prices rose by just 1.7% compared to the increase in bills of around 9%.
David Wilton Tory fears over a nudist hotel What utter rubbish these councillors talk.
What utter rubbish, as Gwyn Jones, who seems one of the few sensible pundits on the issue, pointed out in his excellent article in the Western Mail.
What utter rubbish. If people keep on murdering their fellow men then it is justice to execute them, whether the death penalty is a deterrent or not.
Satellite broadcaster Sky said it had no links with the stage show and a spokesman dismissed as "utter rubbish" suggestions of a wrangle over the Soccer Saturday brand.
Sir Peter O'Sullevan was no doubt speaking for many when he said: "Very few men can talk such utter rubbish more engagingly."
The latest one involving Heather's baby was utter rubbish. The show has some terrific actors but how they must dread being handed their scripts!
To say that " TB rather than cull badgers" is utter rubbish.
I just don't believe he can say such utter rubbish, and with an election looming.
In response to John Mead (Jan 23) on the subject of Mike Phillips struggling to get a start at Blues, he's talking utter rubbish.