arcuate uterus

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ar·cu·ate u·ter·us

a uterus with a depression at the fundus; an incomplete uterus bicornis.
Synonym(s): uterus arcuatus
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Uterine factors: All seven cases of congenital uterine malformation were correctly identified on 3D-MDCT-HSG.
We found 1634 unique cases of congenital malformations of the genital tract at PUMCH during a 31-year period, and the percentages of vaginal malformation, uterine malformation, vulva malformation, cervical malformation, and other malformations were 43.
A 32-year-old woman with bleeding per vagina diagnosed as a case of primary vaginal carcinoma with a uterine malformation and renal involvement.
33-37) This condition is infrequent and must be diagnosed only when a proven and significant maternal uterine malformation is documented and the possibility of an intrapartum injury has been excluded by electromyography.
They noted that uterine malformations are only suspected at ultrasound when uterine shape and size are abnormal.
History of endocrine disorders, uterine malformation, polycystic ovary syndrome, renal disease, collagen vascular disease, any cardiovascular disease, chronic hypertension, history of any antibiotic prophylaxis or medication, chronic smoking and chromic alcoholic excluded from study.
Rega (1995) et al reported that the overall frequency of uterine malformation was 4.
One-sided spasmodic dysmenorrhea in a young girl should always raise the suspicion of uterine malformation, and every effort should be made to exclude this condition by conducting relevant investigations.
Incidence of spontaneous abortion, cervical incompetence, PPROM, fetal loss, IUGR, preterm delivery, mal presentation, caesarean section, retained placenta and PPH are all increased when uterine malformation are present.
Sonohysterosalpingography can show evidence of uterine synechiae or confirm uterine malformation.