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In biomedical ethics and clinical decision analysis, the satisfaction or economic advantage gained from the outcome that results from a particular decision.
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The UTE route: From the Royal Mile, the route heads into Holyrood Park and then on to Radical Road, passing the Commonwealth Pool and then to the Innocent Railway Tunnel.
Hirosuke Noro, president of Zero System, said the firm had been asking Hirata to sell Chiyoda Ute shares for several years in a bid to bolster its ties with the plasterboard maker, to which his company provides fuel.
According to Ute the core value of therapeutic riding lies in vestibular stimulation--the movement of inner-ear hair and fluids deep within the ear tubes.
My wife shouted to me that the Ute was on fire and the man was still inside, I fetched the fire extinguisher and dashed to the Ute.
The author's respect for her subject fills every page as, using historical documents and with the aid of Chipeta's great great grandson, she traces the life of this now revered leader of the Tabeguache band of Utes.
Realize that despite all of the attention to trucks and utes, the midsize market is still the single biggest vehicle category.
Meanwhile, Sage Douglas Remington, an openly gay Southern Ute who lives on the reservation in nearby Ignacio, says the coverage of the Martinez murder may serve as a wake-up call for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people to recognize the diversity within their own ranks.
Southern Ute Indian Tribe, focused its analysis not on "whether, given what scientists know today, it makes sense to regard CBM gas as a constituent of coal, but whether Congress so regarded it in 1909.
In order to point out the tension inherent in Tom's identity crisis, we must first come to a basic, elementary understanding of the old Ute cultural concept of time which Hall describe's as polychronic.
The rutted track to Euterpe Taylor's house cut through freshly-mowed alfalfa fields along the Pine River bottomlands of Colorado's Southern Ute Reservation.
Researchers studying the relative importance of UPE and UTE have either not evaluated a set of cultivars by release date or have only studied these components under high levels of N fertility.