Usher, Barney


Barney, Canadian dermatologist, 1899-1978.
Senear-Usher disease - Synonym(s): Senear-Usher syndrome
Senear-Usher syndrome - see under Senear
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The participants--Alestine Andre, Julie Cruikshank, Peter Usher, Barney Smith, Rosemary Kuptana, Mary Tapsell, George Wenzel, and Rachel Crapeau--brought with them a healthy mix of high scholarship and pragmatic application.
The first three tracks (approximately eleven minutes each) feature excerpts from talks given by Julie Cruikshank and Alestine Andre (Session 1: Traditional Knowledge from Stories); Peter Usher, Barney Smith and Rosemarie Kuptana (Session 2: Traditional Knowledge from Observation); and Mary Tapsell and Rachel Crapeau (Session 3: Integrating Traditional Knowledge and Western Science in Public Decision Making).