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As used in British medicine, a consumer of healthcare or social services


noun A person who uses a thing. See Authorized user, Individual user.

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Q. what is ADD? one of the users mentioned here the ADD.. i am all confused .. what is that?

A. ADD and ADHD are almsot the same disorders- except that ADD means only Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD has a component of hyperactivity also. Both are the same in the means of diagnosing- children with problems in concentrating, focusing on one task and following orders etc.

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However, the fact that end users are the principal creators and receivers of business records makes it impossible and impractical to eliminate them entirely from all records management decision making.
If software is not an option, a common strategy is to issue individual "network share drives" to laptop users so that they can drag and drop copies of their files to a network drive.
Compared with never-users of hormone therapy, current users at the start of the study had an elevated risk of dying of breast cancer (relative risk 1.
Important: For Track Changes to be effective, you must save your workbook with these settings on your network drive before you allow other users access.
However, a sizable percentage of users did go on to either modify their original query or view subsequent results.
After hearing and observing Mike's responses, users can plan a line of questioning to help them judge these verbal and nonverbal clues as truthful or deceptive.
Firstly, a PC network is more costly for a growing organization that plans to add users.
Enhanced Application Security - With automated single sign-on powered by Citrix Password Manager(TM), it is now much easier for IT administrators to give users a single password that works across multiple applications, regardless of whether those applications are delivered by Presentation Server or not.
If an administrator determines that one file system is 100 percent utilized and another is underutilized, he or she cannot move data from one to the other without affecting users.
For example, it is much easier to deliver a full-text journal article to a community of users as an ASCII text than as ink on paper--assuming that the computer hardware, software, and network are in place and functioning.
In addition to sponsoring discussions, bulletin boards often maintain files for users to download, and the availability of these files is one of the biggest attractions of some systems.