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As used in British medicine, a consumer of healthcare or social services


noun A person who uses a thing. See Authorized user, Individual user.

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Q. what is ADD? one of the users mentioned here the ADD.. i am all confused .. what is that?

A. ADD and ADHD are almsot the same disorders- except that ADD means only Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD has a component of hyperactivity also. Both are the same in the means of diagnosing- children with problems in concentrating, focusing on one task and following orders etc.

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User Profiles GAO users are accustomed to filling out a document profile before saving a document in an EDMS.
For situations where regular high-speed access to the corporate network is not available, it can be wise to assign CD or DVD burners or high capacity USB flash drives to remote users so they can backup working files at least once a week to store or send to headquarters.
All these actions must be taken before users open the workbook for sharing.
Most of the additional cancers in users of estrogen-only therapy would be endometrial cancers, whereas all of the additional cancers in users of estrogen-progestogen therapy would be breast cancers.
One in eighteen users used any Boolean capabilities and, of the users employing them, every second user made a mistake, as defined by Excite rules.
Unless Mike refuses to answer any more questions (as he did in the beginning scenario), users decide when to end the interview.
Further, although networks allow data sharing among users, they are not legitimate multi-user systems.
As a result, IT can now take advantage of all the benefits of Presentation Server to deliver applications such as healthcare PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) and GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping, while providing the speed, data security, and anywhere-access flexibility that users need.
The result is that it is difficult for users to locate the information they need to do their jobs and to take advantage of the content and intellectual property that may exist within the organization.
Users are aware of the name and location of the servers on which their data resides, as they must attach to each machine in order to access files.
The technique is a good way to unobtrusively study the online information-seeking and use behavior of remote users.
A listserv is a type of mailing list sent to users who request it.