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An obsolete symbol for the rarely used term centigram.

continuous glucose monitoring



Moment-to-moment measurement of body glucose concentrations, e.g., with sensors placed in subcutaneous tissue.
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User-generated content drives tremendous engagement and strong ROI for brands because it is created by real users, and therefore is perceived as more authentic and trustworthy.
Ultimately, Associated Content's market are advertisers of all kinds who want to align their online spending with relevant content--or websites that want user-generated content of their own.
Smart SEO breaks new ground for marketers by simultaneously optimizing user-generated content for both search engines and consumers.
That, combined with our belief that user-generated content has relevance at every point of the purchasing funnel, led us to develop the Stackla Plugins directory.
Robin Hopper, CEO of iUpload, a company that helps organizations set up blogs and wikis to facilitate user-generated content sharing, says you need to look beyond participation and the number of people who might visit your site at any one time, and look at how the content gets distributed.
Exclaim Mobility, the leading provider of user-generated content (UGC) sharing and socialization application for mobile consumers, today announced the acquisition of Mobicious, Inc.
Thismoment Content Cloud is a solution that allows organisations to make better use of user-generated content (UGC).
Exclaim Mobility will continue to develop and market Pictavision[R], the number-one selling user-generated content sharing and socialization application for mobile consumers, with over 250,000 paid subscribers.
These impressions include authentic user-generated content originated from manufacturers through BrandVoice and BrandAnswers, allowing them to directly engage shoppers on a network of the world's largest retail sites.
The User-Generated Content report analyzes a trend that promises not only to transform the face of the Internet, but also to radically alter the distribution of all media.
Mobile user-generated content (UGC) is growing, and eMarketer believes the two most important mobile UGC categories for advertisers to consider in the near term are social networking and multimedia authoring/sharing.
a leading solutions provider in the social networking and user-generated content space, today announced the alpha launch of their patent-pending Monetization of User-Generated Content (MUGC) platform known as "Mugzy.

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