language game

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lan·guage game

in philosophy, all the operations and behaviors contained in and expressed by symbols, language rules, and the social customs concerning language use.
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Jim Figel, president and CEO of Word Rake, says it "helps anyone who writes by removing useless language that you didn't even know you wrote.
It seems to me that people seem to think that we are forced against our will to learn that useless language while we could be learning a more useful one.
I could not keep her from wearing ugly sweaters or studying a useless language in college.
This clinched it for me: Romantic that I am, I wanted to learn a useless language.
I have to agree with Joan Burnie that Gaelic is a useless language and commercially worthless.
But there is a list as long as your arm of such languages and French is far from being a useless language, it is one which is widely spoken around the world.
SIR - In response to Peter Reed's letter (June 5), I disagree that Welsh is a dead, incomplete and completely useless language.
Welsh is a dead, incomplete and completely useless language being forced down children's throats when we should be educating them instead.
But it seems that I am only allowed to use Echo Viewpoints to criticise anything as long as it is not the terrible waste of money and resources spent on this piffling, useless language.
What I object to are the vast sums of money being spent to keep this useless language on an iron lung to prolong its demise, and the shameful waste of resources and damage to the environment in producing bilingual forms, roadsigns, etc.
For how much longer is this useless language going to receive an importance it does not deserve, just to please the vocal minority?
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