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A condensation product obtained by the action of ammonia on formaldehyde; in acidic urine, it decomposes to yield formaldehyde, a urinary antiseptic.
Synonym(s): hexamine
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Byly to stany o charakterze przewleklym, a jako ich przyczyne podano ekspozycje na disiarczek wegla, kadm, olow, urotropine i rozpuszczalniki organiczne.
3) is known as urotropine. The molecule has a symmetric tetrahedral cage-like structure, similar to adamantane, whose four "corners" are nitrogen atoms and "edges" are methylene groups.
Phenol, vitriol (99%), formaldehyde (37%), urotropine and HCl (37%) used were of analytical grade.
Having passed the selected exposure time in the study solution the plates were taken out, washed with water, immersed into 10% hydrochloric acid solution with urotropine, once again washed with water, placed into a vessel with acetone, taken out, air-dried and weighted.