uronic acids

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u·ron·ic ac·ids

(yū-ron'ik as'idz),
Acids derived from monosaccharides by oxidation of the primary alcohol group (-CH2OH) farthest removed from the carbonyl group to a carboxyl group (-COOH); for example, glucuronic acid.
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The findings of Hexamine and uronic acid levels in the granulation tissues of control and experimental wounds are shown in Figure 2.
The uronic acid contents were determined using the m-hydroxydiphenyl method with galacturonic acid as the standard.
The proton also can cleave the uronic acids and acetyl units thus liberating acids which facilitate the degradation of polysaccharides.
Then the contents of monosaccharides and uronic acids in the fractions were determined.
Thus; although, the reed contains a higher xylan concentration than eucalyptus, the uronic acids occur in lower quantities.
Bands located at 960 [cm.sup.-1] was related to C-O stretching vibrations with contributions from C-C stretching and C-C-O deformation vibrations of the uronic acids residues in heteropolymeric blocks.
An absorption peak at 2927 cm-1 indicated the existence of carbohydrate, while absorption peaks at 1645, 1542, and 1398 cm-1 suggested the presence of uronic acid in SPMP-2a.
Other ingredients of the aloe include galactose, uronic acids and pentoses.
It thus can be assumed that in Halocynthia the role of Sia is carried out by other acidic sugars like uronic acids which frequently are found in lower animals.
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