genitourinary fistula

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gen·i·to·u·ri·nar·y fis·tu·la

a fistulous opening into the urogenital tract.
Synonym(s): urogenital fistula
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All the females with confirmed urogenital fistula were included in the study.
The presence of urogenital fistula was made on history of urinary leakage, differentiating it from the stress/ urge/ mixed incontinence.
A total of 113 females with urogenital fistula were included in this study.
Amongst the 113 cases of urogenital fistula in women, 63 (55.7%) cases were of surgical aetiology (iatrogenic) as compared to 50 (44.2%) cases of prolonged obstructed labour and malignant aetiology.
The management of the urogenital fistula had been predominantly surgical.
Urogenital fistula mostly affects the poor, young and often illiterate females in the remote underdeveloped regions of the world.
Chassar Moir J6 and Lawson JB7 reported the surgical procedure as a cause of urogenital fistula in 87% and 76% respectively.
In our study interestingly we had 55.7% urogenital fistula due to operative procedures, which were all gynaecological or obstetric surgeries.
Table-1: Types of urogenital fistula in females (n=113).
Table-2: Aetiologies of urogenital fistula in females (n=113).
The route of repair of urogenital fistula, specially the vesicovaginal fistula, has been different in various studies.
The success rate of urogenital fistula has been encouraging in most of the studies.