urinary infection

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urinary infection

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Q. How to prevent getting a bladder infection? I am worried about getting another bladder infection like I just had now. I am during my second trimester. How can I avoid getting it again?

A. drink more cranberry juice,its 100% natural, and wont harm the baby in anyway.

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Early in January, it was announced that a team of Iranian scientists and researchers from Shiraz University managed to design and produce a biosensor to diagnose urinary infections, using nanotechnology and a sum of 16 nanoparticles of gold and silver.
Unlike the study by Lewi and Scott (7), nephrocutaneous fistula after PNL is discussed in our case, however, renal deformation, presence of staghorn type peripheral stones, and recurrent urinary infections in the postoperative period are similar findings.
Coagulase-negative strains of staphylococcus possessing antigen 51 as agents of urinary infection. J Clin Pathol 1962;15(3):252-3.
The next step necessary for urinary infection is bacteria adherence to the urethra and bladder lining, which can be affected by spermicides, loss of estrogen, and genetics.
If you take it with lime or calamansi, it combats urinary infection. (Note: Do not take the juice if it has a bitter taste.)
Media reports said the surgery for an enlarged prostate -- a common condition in aging men -- was aimed at preventing a repeat of the urinary infection that sent Pele to hospital last year.
Ali was in a hospital for a followup on urinary infection on Friday, and was released, as his fans sent countless messages of greetings to the champion nicknamed as the greatest on his birthday.
For example, a urinary infection or diabetes can cause a dog to wee on their bed, or other hormonal or neurological problems can cause an increased urge to urinate.
Doctors say the ingestion of fruits and vegetables grown in water contaminated with fecal matter can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, blood infection, dehydration, urinary infection and kidney dysfunction.
I was suffering from a urinary infection which I came to know when I went to one of the private hospitals.
Prostate cancer sufferer Leonard Williams, 88, had been "confused and delirious" from a urinary infection when he was admitted to University Hospital Llandough in Cardiff on December 6 last year, but he suffered a fractured skull and inoperable bleeding on the brain three days later when he tumbled to the floor of his cubicle on ward E7.