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a receptacle for urine.
The urinal in place. From Lammon et al., 1995.


A vessel into which urine is passed.


noun A specialised, usually vertically hung porcelain convenience generally designed for use by men.

Medspeak-UK: pronounced, your EYE null
Medspeak-US: pronounced, your inn ull


A vessel into which urine is passed.


A container into which bedridden men may urinate.

Patient discussion about urinal

Q. protien in urine what are the causes and preventions


Q. How you stop urinating frequently? I don't have any conditions that make me urinate often. I simply drink lots of water... Is there some trick I can employ so that I can still drink lots of water but not have to go to the bathroom so frequently?

A. I only drink water and green tea, Thanks.

Q. Today doctor removed my stunt of kidney. It inflamate while urination.. till How long i will feel like this?

A. You should consult your doctor, since instruments in the kidney and urinary tracts can cause infections (even after removing them), that may cause symptoms like you describe.

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Removing or covering the cell urinals to prevent use was one of series of recommendations made by inspectors.
Despite outraged criticism from women's groups, the Cypriot company that designed the controversial EU-funded nude female-shaped portable urinal has defended the design as a great idea.
The inventors of the open-air urinal, from a start-up in Nantes, are saddened by the "hair-raising proportions" the topic has taken on.
Caption: WHETHER WATER-FREE OR LOW-FLOW, replacing urinals can save a considerable amount of money, especially if your existing urinals exceed the current limits.
Section IV presents further evidence for urinal flushing behavior.
odd-numbered urinal is occupied, the in-between spaces will begin to fill up.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global urinals market to grow at a CAGR of 6.45% during the period 2016-2020.
Inspired by the natural moss with super absorption capabilities, Syntrichia caninervis, the Splash Lab fit a new urinal prototype with a material called Vantablack - a carbon nanotube substance that traps light (lets it enter, but not leave), fiddled around with it, and instead of absorbing light particles, it is now capable of trapping urine, and not make it bounce back to you, leaving you with the widely-acknowledged embarrassing pee stains.
At the time Christopher Marsden from Huddersfield Civic Society described the water cascade as "one big urinal''.
-- Jefferson County sheriff's officials say they're probing a series of thefts involving metal urinal components from several local restaurant bathrooms.
The seller of the (http://news.ph.msn.com/weird-news/urinals-from-famed-hacienda-club-for-sale-3) urinals , Mike Shepherd, said that he got it from an auction held at the Hacienda way back in 2001.