uridine diphosphoglucose

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u·ri·dine di·phos·pho·glu·cose (UDPG, UDPGlc),

(yūr'i-dēn dī-fos'fō-glū'kōs),
A pyrophosphate group links the 5' position of uridine and the 1 position of d-glucose; an intermediate in glycogen biosynthesis.
Synonym(s): UDPglucose
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Multiple forms and intracellular localization of uridine diphosphate glucose pyrophosphorylase in Avena sativa.
[3] Nonstandard abbreviations: GALT, galactose-1-phosphate uridyltransferase; LCMS/MS, liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry; [[sup.13][C.sub.6]]-, [sup.13]C uniformly labeled; Gal-1-P, galactose-1-phosphate; Glu-1-P, glucose-1-phosphate; UDPGlc, uridine diphosphate glucose; DTT, dithiothreitol; UDPGal, uridine diphosphate galactose; IS, internal standard; CHB, Children's Hospital Boston; Hgb, hemoglobin; MRM, multiple reaction monitoring.

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