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Jerome A., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Urban operation.
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Bess has long served as an unlikely apostle to New Urbanists and conservatives alike, neither of whom seem to get the other.
114) At this level of development, new urbanists predominantly focus on
New Urbanists feel strongly that the remedy to the inefficiency and unsustainability of sprawl lies in eliminating the current system of separating uses.
The New Urbanists talk a lot about community, but their idea of community often boils down to folks dwelling blissfully in their "walkable," "livable," "sustainable" neighborhoods, where they get to sit on the porch after dinner and chat with passersby.
If New Urbanism is a good that ought to be implemented through laws and municipal codes, (9) then "New Urbanists can hardly make a credible intellectual claim that traditional urbanism is a genuine good, but all other goods are relative.
The new urbanists have made valuable contributions to thinking about urban development in recent decades.
While such intertwining is essential for the vibrant streetscape that new urbanists wish to create, it nonetheless greatly complicates the attorney's job.
Although post-modernists challenged the modernist utopian view, the new urbanists have returned to utopianism (Beauregard 2002).
The toughest projects that New Urbanists have undertaken
Instead, New Urbanists look at a continuum of varying densities, unified by an attempt to create a sense of community in a district that invites walking to a full range of community destinations.
But if attracting merciless attack signifies that a movement has really arrived, then journalist Alex Marshall has done the New Urbanists a big favor.
Prix, Steven Holl, Raimund Abraham, Carme Pinos, Thom Mayne, Zaha Hadid, Peter Cook, Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture, Guy Lafranchi, Bill Macdonald and Sulan Kolotan; philosophers Manuel DeLanda and Michael Menser; sociologists Claus Leggewie and Aleksandra Wagner; urbanists Christine Boyer and Jos Bosman.