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Jerome A., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Urban operation.
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Whatever path New Urbanists follow in coming to that conclusion, the destination itself is what matters most.
street, and the building, where new urbanists attempt to "create
But it's worth noting that only the New Urbanists have produced compelling visions at the regional scale for reconstruction of the coastal communities devastated by the storm, as well as practical and attractive design solutions for affordable housing in the form of Katrina Cottage home-building kits and the like.
While the idea of revitalized local communities can appeal to a wide spectrum of political thought and attitudes, New Urbanists often sell their message in such a way as to alienate many of its potential buyers by pushing politically controversial ideas such as the harm to the natural environment caused by sprawl, the coming surge in energy prices due to drying up of oil reserves, and manmade global warming.
In view of China's dash to embrace the worst aspects of capitalist development (short term planning, the dismal execution of building projects and wholescale razing of historic structures), this might seem like a laughably lost cause, but amid the hubris and chaos a number of talented young Chinese architects and urbanists are trying valiantly to nurture a sense of responsibility towards culture, society and the built environment.
New Urbanists support regional planning for open space, appropriate architecture and planning, and the balanced development of jobs and housing.
Third, since the book was written as much for comparative urbanists as for Islamic historians, it serves as a treatise on the nature of urbanism, and in this respect adds to the author's earlier studies on the origins of Chinese, Japanese, and southeast Asian urbanism.
Whereas modernist ideas underscored twentieth century development, the new urbanists turned to traditional principles and practices.
Simon takes issue with urbanists who glorify the public space of the old Atlantic City.