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urban legend

(ŭr′băn) [L. urbanus]
Myth (2). Urban legends about health care are widely disseminated by patients and practitioners. One favorite is the internet prank that states that dihydrogen monoxide is a deadly toxin widely consumed by human beings. Its chemical formula is H2O.

Most urban legends are not humorous or malicious pranks but are based on misunderstandings or unrecognized errors in reasoning, e.g., the common but false belief that emergency rooms are busiest during certain phases of the moon.

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Well, what happened to Laois man James Grant is no urban myth and all the more scary because of that.
The site has been around for quite some time, so it includes commentaries on some of the bestknown urban myths and legends.
|NEXT WEEK: From twocked tanks to ghost villages in the Eston Hills - more glorious Teesside urban myths. We're keen to know examples of your urban myths and legends, email mike.blackburn@trinitymirror.com
I HAVE followed the arguments over Coventry airport for the past four years and must dispel two urban myths peddled by correspondents P Campbell and Jo Armstrong.
There's something about human nature that drives people to freak others out about urban myths. But sometimes, these untruths are not intended to scare.
Aftermyths differ from urban myths or legends in being posterior or subordinate to true myth, explains Eisenhauer, an American scholar of German and comparative literature, and they cannot be debunked because they draw their legitimacy not from fact but from psychological need, and operate in the realms of mass hysteria and tribal consensus.
I wish her luck, but I think she may have an uphill struggle in achieving her aim of making sure 'stereotypes and urban myths are dispelled, and to encourage equality'.
Do you know any great urban myths? Perhaps one of the best is Good Luck Mr Gorsky.
There are conspiracy theories involving the occult, religion and urban myths in what was David Duchovny's last full season in the show.
An upcoming episode of the comedy series "Urban Myths" featuring the late Michael Jackson recently caused a controversy due to its casting choices.
* SIR - BJJ Jelf ("Ragwort is a killer", Letters, May 30) repeats a number of urban myths.
I WROTE about urban myths. You know, those stories that are told second hand and are passed on as if gospel.

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