Heat Island

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Any solid block of material—asphalt, brick, concrete—that can absorb thermal energy and release it, increasing heat stress on passers-by
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A review on the generation, determination and mitigation of Urban Heat Island," J.
This suggests that in relatively sprawling cities, the urban heat island most closely follows SI and would have a unique structure in each city based on the SI structure (Oswald et al.
Future studies, he says, will enable the team to assess how widespread changes in land cover--adding trees or installing permeable pavements, for example--might affect the size and strength of the region's urban heat island.
The indirect deaths from urban heat island contributions to increased air pollution are difficult to measure but recent estimates claim t his is in the thousands for every major metropolitan area in the world.
This reduces both building cooling loads and the urban heat island effect.
To that point, Malcolm Carson of Community Health Councils discussed the issue from a health frame, pointing out that communities that contribute the least to climate change often suffer the most from the urban heat island effect.
Shaharuddin and Hashim found that high soil moisture content reduces the land surface temperature, hence, removing the effect of the Malaysian urban heat island intensity [8].
The tool features new credits to deal with significant and emerging sustainability challenges, including the urban heat island effect, sustainable transport and lifecycle analysis.
Urban heat island reduction, light colored pavements, green roofs and cool communities.
The reasons cited in the report by the researchers are global warming combined with Sydney's urban heat island effect.
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