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Jerome A., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Urban operation.
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Among men and women, Lick was tied with Citadel Communications' urban contemporary station KIPR-FM, 92.
Steve Harvey hosts the bleary-eyed commute on top-rated urban contemporary KKBT-FM (100.
Categories will range from urban contemporary to comfortable and casual.
Over the airwaves, listen to WVEE 103 for urban contemporary music and WALR 104.
As usual, Citadel Communications Corp's urban contemporary station, KIPR-FM, 92.
Lane Leather's initial introduction includes 16 styles in three collections intended to appeal to a broad range of consumers: American Traditional, Urban Contemporary and American Ranch.
Black music--in the forms of urban contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, gospel and pop music combined--accounts for over 25% of all record sales and $3 billion in the U.
In Cincinnati, Radio One also owns WIZF-FM, an Urban Contemporary station and operates WDBZ-AM, a Black News/Talk station, under a local marketing agreement.
1 in the market for only the second time in the urban contemporary station's history.
The new company will be called Red Ant Entertainment and will include a record label that intends to initially build a roster of alternative and urban contemporary artists with plans to add country artists later.

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