Urban Tribe

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A closely knit extended-family-type group of 6 to 100+ persons, usually unrelated, who regularly converge for meals, parties and various, generally non-sexual social interactions, and act as each others’ support group
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Some of the leading names that will be exhibiting in the event include Moda, Ambrane, Arvind Mafatlal Group, Ubon, Portronics, Esbeda, Urban Gear, Pebble, Digitek, Swayam, Urban Tribe, Trovo, and several others.
GrabOn has also boarded Zoomcar and Urban Tribe as the co-sponsors for cricket fantasy 2019.
* The bedeviling persistence and spread of the urban tribe. It is easier than ever to isolate oneself in a social cocoon, where the members think, dress, eat, and speak the same way and everyone else is "other." It was a pathetic background theme in "Seinfeld" and "Friends," and is a joke about people in 55+ communities, but most people can, if they wish, buffer themselves from much contact with ideas or activities outside their comfort zone.
The 'Seven Artists, One Place' exhibition being held today, organised by Urban Tribe Events, will feature paintings by children from Dubai and Sharjah, aged between six and nine, students of Iranian artist Afsoun Javadi, who is their private art teacher.
Urban Tribe double duvet cover set, PS60; standard pillowcase in Chartreuse, PS5; zigzag embroidered cushion, PS25; maze embroidered cushion, PS25; red tealight ball, PS12; chrome geometric frame, PS16; abstract wall art, PS50.
Urban Tribe double duvet cover set; standard pillowcase in chartreuse; zigzag embroidered cushion; maze embroidered cushion; red tealight ball; chrome geometric frame; abstract wall art.
Check out House of Fraser''s Urban Tribe bed linen, double duvet set, PS60, with zigzag pattern in yellow, green and purple, and its Linea Nautical Pretty Denim double duvet cover set, PS80.
Check out House of Fraser's Urban Tribe bed linen, double duvet set, PS60, featuring zigzag pattern in yellow, green and purple.
This urban tribe frequents "safe" places where they get together and are accepted, like the Tianguis Cultural on Saturdays (where they buy and exchange music, posters or patches for their clothes) and the Red Park on Wednesdays (where they gather to chat about musical groups, to be together and to comment on the agenda of concerts and festivals) are the places they frequently attend.
As the text informs us, the reason "so many Indians" move to urban centres like Seattle is that they are "outcasts from their tribes" and, consequently, they are "forced to create their own urban tribe" (38).
And clad in a sultry Sport Red and Black Onyx with an Urban Tribe roof graphic, the tested model even had fishnet stocking seats.
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