Urban Tribe

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A closely knit extended-family-type group of 6 to 100+ persons, usually unrelated, who regularly converge for meals, parties and various, generally non-sexual social interactions, and act as each others’ support group
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The Sukh Initiative is Pakistan's first urban family planning project launched in November 2013 with assistance from The Aman Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The David and Lucile Packard Foundation.
It also shows that an average urban family spends around Rs15,000 monthly on food, of which readymade food contributes nearly five per cent.
A typical French family may be different from an urban family of Pakistan and many customs which are taken for granted within American society may be unheard or ever unusual of elsewhere.
Masterplanned with the typical urban family in mind, approximately 70 percent of the 1.
She completed her residency in urban family practice at Beth Israel Medical Center and is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians.
How can an average urban family afford vegetables in this situation?
Every foreign microbe has the potential to upset the delicate balance of her health; every foreign experience similarly can upset family harmony, particularly an urban family accustomed to the ease of city living.
30PM Lost Christmas Urban family Christmas fairytale starring Eddie Izzard and Geoffrey Palmer in a story about one disadvantaged person who has a special Christmas gift.
But it was also true with such things as electricity, where many a villager had a light bulb and a television, while an urban family had many electrical gadgets, not to mention air conditioning.
It aims to offer a new form of urban family housing unlike any other in the area.
The Children's Society garden was designed by Mark Gregory, winning his third consecutive Chelsea gold for the society, as a practical garden for the urban family.
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