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Jerome A., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Urban operation.
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ULI is excited about Urban Core III because it is the one event in the year that convenes the key public officials and leaders in the development community who are truly making urban revitalization a reality in New Jersey," said Richard EX.
Empowerment may be the most important aspect of democracy (Dewey, 1916; Sehr, 1997; Soder, 2004), yet our overly controlling urban high schools prohibit student empowerment, and the bureaucracies that control them prohibit empowerment of teachers.
In central and coastal Africa, what may appear as dim clusters of light during the night are actually massive urban agglomerations sheltering millions of residents with, as indicated by the scanty reach of their electrical grids, only the most basic and deficient infrastructure.
To highlight the funding disparities in urban centers, Kozol produces an appendix in both Shame of the Nation and Savage Inequalities with tables comparing per pupil spending in several cities, including New York, Chicago, and urban New Jersey, with that in select surrounding suburban districts.
In Baltimore, the most prominent experts generally held back, and local residential segregationists came from professions that were, at most, only indirectly involved in the process of creating and diffusing new knowledge on race, urban reform, and property markets.
Part 3, "Practice," includes excellent examples of the broad approach to urban health used in the Healthy Cities movement as well as more focused examples from a local health department level.
Just as an ecosystem itself is complex and dynamic, each of the perspectives presented at the conference seemed to converge to provide a catalyst for connecting urban growth and natural systems.
More than 300 industry and academic leaders listened to Soligan and other command officials outline USJFCOM's mission and how joint urban operations concepts and requirements fit into the command's mission.
Her son didn't read much until he discovered urban fiction.
The need for family and community involvement in urban education reform has been well-documented (Ascher, 1988; Comer, Haynes, Joyner, & Ben-Avie, 1996; Valdez, 1996).
when we're filming it in the desert town of Lancaster, CA,'' said Urban.
Fifty-three percent of Zurich is an urban area with industrial, commercial, and residential buildings; the other portion of Zurich is 24% forest, 17% agricultural, and 6% water.