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When we released the adhesion, we asked the patient to open both eyes to make sure that the upper eyelid position of the affected side was nearly consistent with the contralateral eye to achieve an esthetic goal.
A frequently used flap, the Tripier flap, was first described by Landolf as a pedicled flap from the upper eyelid. The major advantage of this flap is excellent color and structure compatibility, and donor-site morbidity is minimal in viable patients.
A diagnosis of right eye upper eyelid ptosis and lower eyelid involutional entropion was made.
Ptosis is the covering of the cornea by the upper eyelid by more than 1 cm.
Thyroid orbitopathy--although there are many causes of upper eyelid retraction the most common is secondary to thyroid eye disease (TED).
In our study, laceration involved more then 50 percent of upper eyelid, surgical repair was done by two layered primary suturing method, suturing of muscle followed by suturing of skin and subcutaneous tissue.
Frontalis suspension surgery in upper eyelid blepharoptosis.
Local Flaps for Subtotal and Total Upper Eyelid Reconstruction
There were eight lesions on the face that one of them was on the upper eyelid right eye (Figure 1).
On examination, a hyperpigmented velvety plaque of size 3.5cm X 2cm was present on the lateral aspect of the right upper eyelid while a similar lesion of size 2cm X 1.5cm was present on the lateral aspect of lower eyelid (Figure 1).
A ptosis crutch that is attached to the lens or frame of the spectacles seems to offer an appropriate solution to elevating the upper eyelid above the visual axis.
[sup][4] Briefly, a flap is created to connect the lateral upper eyelid posterior lamella fornix tissue to the lower eyelid margin.

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