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The patient was diagnosed with achalasia by upper endoscopy, barium swallow, and manometry which revealed no peristaltic activity of the esophagus and non-relaxation of the LES.
She underwent a barium swallow showing a delay at the aortic arch and distal esophagus; repeat upper endoscopy and abdominal CT were both normal.
At this point, the stomach and duodenum both appeared healthy, and repeat upper endoscopy was performed to confirm that there was no mucosal necrosis.
Patients referred for MpCTE should have evidence of persistent or recurrent GI blood loss (iron deficiency anemia and/or positive fecal occult blood test with or without hematochezia or melena) and should have undergone recent negative upper endoscopy and colonoscopy.
Role of upper endoscopy in diagnosing opportunistic infections in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients.
Physicians can easily rule out early esophageal cancer by adding Cellvizio, the world's most miniaturized microscope, to standard upper endoscopy procedures, according to data presented here Tuesday during a Distinguished Oral Presentation (#854) at Digestive Disease Week(r) (DDW) 2009.
Ninety consecutive patients undergoing upper endoscopy over a 6--week period from October 2005 to November 2005, and in whom rapid urease testing was indicated, were included in the study.
Mr Davidson added: "She went to the GP and they referred her for an upper endoscopy examination.
A prospective study of the diagnostic accuracy of PillCam ESO esophageal capsule endoscopy versus conventional upper endoscopy in patients with chronic gastroesophageal reflux diseases.
With numerous color clinical photographs and other illustrations, they describe the settings and staff, including disinfection and the role of the pediatric endoscopy nurse, equipment, including image resolution and troubleshooting, patient preparation, including pediatric-monitored sedation and anesthesia, postsedation care and specific sedation techniques, diagnostic upper endoscopy techniques including push endoscopy and jejunoscopy, therapeutic upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, pediatric colonoscopy, polypectomy, chromoendoscopy, and wireless capsule endoscopy for children, including information on pacemaker safety and bowel preparations.
One large multicentre study from North America demonstrated that the leading cause of death from ERCP and sphincterotomy were cardiopulmonary complications (21); and in a large audit of upper endoscopy from the U.

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