superior border of scapula

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su·pe·ri·or bor·der of scap·u·la

the margin of the scapula that extends from the glenoid fossa to the superior angle.
Synonym(s): margo superior scapulae [TA]
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(5,6,8) Suprascapular nerve originates from the lateral aspect of superior trunk of the brachial plexus with contribution from the 5th and 6th anterior cervical roots, occasionally from 4th root as well and travels downward reach to the upper border of the scapula and enters the supraspinatus fossa through the suprascapular notch below the STS[L.sup.*](suprascapular vessels above the STS[L.sup.*]).
During routine dissection of the region of root of neck in a male dissection room cadaver, an accessory muscle was found extending between the upper border of the scapula and first rib.
The muscle belly was found to be attached to the upper border of the scapula lateral to the attachment of inferior belly of the omohyoid.