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In animals, denoting a failure to grow or develop normally as a result of disease.
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In the latter cases, astute livestock owners may notice gradual changes in their animals' conditions, such as unthriftiness or weight loss.
It causes economic losses due to unthriftiness, reduced productive capacity, draught power capability and body weight gain (Mohan, 1977 and Bhatia et al., 2006).
Chronically infected sheep are usually symptomless, except for parasitemia and unthriftiness (Kimberling et al., 1988).
than from their own improvidence and unthriftiness" (100).
* Taeniasis is usually asymptomatic with clinical signs limited to unthriftiness, lethargy, anorexia, and mild diarrhea or colic.
Prolonged deficiencies will result in unthriftiness and starvation.