unsharp masking

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un·sharp mask·ing

in radiography, superimposing a blurred negative of a radiograph to cancel large density differences, leaving fine detail more visible.
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It uses the Unsharp Masking to detect the location when occurs tampering.
Unsharp masking is accomplished by digitally accentuating the border between light and dark areas.
For example, here's how to selectively apply unsharp masking (Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask) to your image.
Then it applies some image processing such as contrast stretch and unsharp masking to produce a single composite frame.
By combining simple unsharp masking with an image-processing technique called wavelet analysis, it's possible to target and efficiently eliminate the major noise source in our single raw image.
Any major enhancements, such as nonlinear stretching or unsharp masking, should be applied to the L image to bring out all its glorious detail.
"Zoom blurs" and simple unsharp masking were much less satisfactory.
To do this, Malin perfected the technique of unsharp masking, a darkroom process that reveals delicate, low-contrast structures.
Color correction, contrast enhancement, and unsharp masking, as well as such sophisticated techniques as sandwiching negatives, can be done in minutes with a computer.
I do very little processing of the final image other than to adjust the brightness and contrast and occasionally do a little unsharp masking. For presentation I use image-processing programs like PhotoStyler or Photoshop to add a border and text to my images.