unsharp masking

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un·sharp mask·ing

in radiography, superimposing a blurred negative of a radiograph to cancel large density differences, leaving fine detail more visible.
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The resulting image was processed by applying an unsharp mask to bring out fine details in the tail.
The sharpening techniques utilized are - Low Pass filter (utilized by NASA), UnSharp Mask, and Threshold.
The program uses a simple, elegant and yet powerful variation of the common unsharp mask, where the procedure is to defocus and subtract one image of a stereo pair from the other, rather than defocusing and subtracting an image from itself.
I will explore some creative sharpening techniques that go beyond the standard application of unsharp mask using this image of a young swordsman at a Society for Creative Anachronism Inc.
An unsharp mask filter was then applied in Photoshop to optimize sharpness for print, and each image was saved in TIFF format.
Users can correct images with adjustments to brightness/contrast, color balance, and hue/saturation, and create special effects with filters such as Gaussian blur, unsharp mask, and emboss.
Simply place a Selection Control Point anywhere on the photograph then choose from almost any adjustment such as D-Lighting, Unsharp Mask or noise reduction, while limiting the "reach" of that adjustment to just the selected area.
Other approaches include sharpening by channel, whereby the unsharp mask is applied only to a few selected RGB or CMYK channels; applying local sharpening using layer masks; or using blurs to isolate the areas requiring sharpening.
New Video Effects - Lens Flare, Light Rays, Film FX, Color Curves, Mirror, Remap, Deform, Convolution, Linear Blur, Black Restore, Levels, Unsharp Mask, Color Grad, and Timecode Burn filter.
0 - makes it easy to edit and add creative touches to images and photos with over 25 new filters including unsharp mask, bulge and shrink, ripple, solarize, add noise and sepia.
These features include accurate negative scanning, one of the industry's best unsharp mask tools, a true 48-bit density driven interface, closed loop calibration for press output, ColorSync support (Mac only) and the ability to use LAB correction.