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related to animals on roadways.

road accidents
results in traumatic injuries because of collisions with vehicles, falling on uneven or slippery surfaces.
road founder
traumatic laminitis.
road transportation
motor transport.

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Q. Is there a connection between bipolar disorder and road rage? I know someone who may have a bipolar disorder, but he also has road rage. Is there a possible connection between bipolar disorder and road rage?

A. You're the best. I would gladly call her.

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Another unsealed road goes the west arm of Lago Mascardi to the foot of Cerro Tronador.
86km of unsealed road in need of resurfacing due to normal wear over time.
Access to the Project site is via 40 kilometres of unsealed road off the main sealed road between the provincial capital of Ujung Pandang to the south and Palopo to the north.
Unsealed road with drainage problems and lack of on-street parkingConstruct sealed road with on-street parking and stormwater drainage.