Unprofessional Conduct

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The commission or omission of any act that is detrimental or harmful to the patient of a physician or detrimental or harmful to the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and which violates the high standards of honesty, diligence, prudence, and ethical integrity demanded from physicians and osteopaths licensed to practice in a certain jurisdiction


behavior as a professional. Behaviour relative to a code of ethics agreed to by members of a professional organization.

conduct conducive to unfairly attracting business
see touting.
unprofessional conduct
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Investigations were unable to substantiate unprofessional conduct in 74 cases.
12] If a preliminary inquiry or professional conduct hearing decides that the doctor is not guilty of unprofessional conduct, the doctor may not sue the patient who complained, unless it can be proven that the patient acted from malice or an improper motive.
The statistics of UJP show that through the phone line 198 and the contact center of this institution from 2006 to end 2010, 24,330 reports of corruption, not issuing fiscal receipts, tax evasion or unprofessional conduct by administration employees have been registered.
HHS reports add several new perspectives about the unprofessional conduct of social workers that are relevant to this discussion.
New York CPAs who fail to comply with the new requirements may be subject to charges of unprofessional conduct and investigation by the SED's Office of Professional Discipline.
Accordingly, just because a physician does not have a track record at the NPDB does not necessarily mean that he or she has not been involved in disciplinary action or the subject of a lawsuit for medical malpractice or other unprofessional conduct involving patients, without limitation thereto.
The court found, inter alia, that the nurse was not denied due process and that she did, in fact, engage in unprofessional conduct by administering medications or treatment in a negligent manner as well as practicing beyond the scope of her license, educational preparation, or nursing experience.
The story does well to identify the less than honorable and unprofessional conduct of many elected officials vis-a-vis public employees.
Under the current state Education Code, a teacher with permanent status can be fired only for one of 11 specified reasons, including immoral or unprofessional conduct, a felony conviction, unsatisfactory performance, consistent refusal to obey state and local education laws and regulations, and membership in the Communist Party.
In Georgia the law already states that "it shall not be considered unprofessional conduct for any pharmacist to refuse to fill a prescription based on his or her ethical or moral beliefs.
The General Medical Council's Fitness to Practise Panel said it upheld a series of complaints about the GP's improper and unprofessional conduct.
Among the findings of unprofessional conduct that the court upheld was that the physician had made an anonymous phone call to the Department of Children, Youth and Their Families (DCYF) suggesting child abuse by the parents of four of her patients.