Unna, Paul Gerson

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Paul Gerson, German dermatologist and staining expert, 1850-1929.
Unna disease - Synonym(s): seborrheic dermatitis
Unna mark - a pale vascular birthmark found on the nape of the neck in 25% to 50% of normal persons. Synonym(s): nape nevus
Unna stain - an alkaline methylene blue stain for plasma cells.
Unna syndrome - Synonym(s): seborrheic dermatitis
Unna-Pappenheim stain - a contrast stain used to detect RNA and DNA in tissue sections; used to demonstrate plasma cells during chronic inflammation.
Unna-Taenzer stain - Synonym(s): Taenzer stain
Unna-Thost syndrome - uniform keratoderma of the palms and soles, usually presenting in the first six months of life.
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