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Paul G., German dermatologist and staining expert, 1850-1929. See: Unna disease, Unna nevus, Unna stain, Unna-Pappenheim stain, Unna-Taenzer stain, Unna-Thost syndrome.
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Contract award: performing x-ray examinations and reporting of results in the reception center of the circle unna in unna-massen.
THE second in a series of four exhibitions by new Huddersfield art organisation, Unna Way, is being launched on November 6 in Market Walk.
As part of this plan, during 2016 the company intends to shift production to Bydgoszcz, Poland from its manufacturing facilities in Unna, Germany and Kolding, Denmark and close the Unna and Kolding manufacturing plants.
Weg has a long history as a provider of motor speed control solutions and manufactures all essential components such as switchgear, oil- and air-cooled transformers, frequency inverters and electric motors, and at our European Automation Centre in Unna, we can also make custom solutions and application-specific software modifications.
By Amanda Chakkoria, Maisie Fisher, Unna Palaniappan and Abbie Peyton
LTi REEnergy GmbH from Unna, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, erected a 15 MWp ground-mounted installation on a former gypsum site in Zelzate, Belgium, highlighting the numerous benefits of solar energy.
Some of her outstanding works include light installations made from polystyrene, plastic bottles and light in cities like Turin, Stadt Unna and Nice.
Aana, unna maari pasangala paatha odane pidikkum ("Some guys are likeable only after you see them time and again, but guys like you are likeable instantly").
Darganfyddwyd ei effeithlonrwydd ar y croen gan Paul Gerson Unna, meddyg Almaenig.
Karin has been charged with grievous bodily harm after the alleged attack in Unna, Germany.
kongrede katilimcilar arasinda Lord Lister, Sir James Paget, Raymond Sabourad, Hallopeau, White, Fordyce, Pusey, Unna, Kaposi, Jadassohn, Ehlers, Lassar, Neiser, Jarisch ve Mibelli de bulunmustur.
The toluidine blue dye by Unna technique was used for controlling the tissue mucopolysaccharides and heparin in corpulent cells of the prostate.