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Biochemistry The conversion of a non-reactive site on a protein to a reactive one accessible to specific reagents capable of reacting with molecules of interest—e.g., an enzyme
Examples Conformational changes or proteolytic removal of a blocking molecule, which might bind nonspecifically to the reactive site
Fringe psychology Any of a number of techniques—e.g., moving the face, ‘aping’ emotions and opening eyes widely—developed by W. Reich for physical and emotional release
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"Unmasking: A Journey" is told with an inquiring honesty and insight that also showcases Rayne Dowell's genuine flair for storytelling.
Then, just as Bennett's A Question of Attribution uses an art historical investigation to parallel the unmasking of the Cambridge spy ring, Stoppard uses the disconcerting anarchy of quantum mechanics (this being the specialism of the double, or triple, agent Kerner) as a metaphor for the smoke-and-mirrors world of espionage.
In the first chapters of this book, Olson provides a trenchant analysis of church-growth principles, unmasking them as thoroughly grounded in modernity rather than biblical faith.
I'm looking forward to reading Zoe Valdes's novel Dear First Love, but I am not sure it is really "Unmasking Lesbian Cuba" [October 15].
Among the topics covered: unmasking the enemy within, in which an ex-prosecutor offers key steps to successful investigation; fighting cyber crime, since the worst is yet to come; money laundering; global asset tracing; planning a perfect recovery; and details on an antifraud investigation.
"Spectacular" is the how cell-mechanics researcher Piet De Boer of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland rates the Oxford team's unmasking of a bacterial cytoskeleton.
Rejecting any kind of reduction of the psychological to the physical, Stroud devotes most of the remainder of the book to arguing that there cannot be any such unmasking explanations.
In The Winter's Tale, for example, Platt reads the statue scene as unmasking the marvels of dramatic art, while at the same time the play moves away from the "epistemological tyranny of the rational" and towards celebration of the marvelous.
This is known as unmasking. Figure 3 illustrates the distinction between serotype replacement and unmasking.
starting up behind the trees, unmasking a tiny figure
Truth's question "ain't I a woman?" is read by Schussler Fiorenza in Jesus, Miriam's Child, Sophia's Prophet as a challenge to oppressive constructions of "humanity" and "womanhood." She points out Truth's unmasking of the white male clerical grasping of power which would deny authority to white women and the status of humanity altogether to black women; white women, too, are implicated in this power struggle.