Unlicensed Medicine

A medicine or therapeutic agent which is not licensed in the country in which it is being prescribed
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She stressed co-operation with the Anti-Corruption, Economic and Electronic Security Directorate to monitor the illegal trade of unlicensed medicine online and refer any violators to the Public Prosecution.
The company, which specialises in providing access to unlicensed drugs, is a leader in the lucrative unlicensed medicine supply sector and the clinical trials supply market, and has grown organically and through acquisitions.
Summary: The Health Ministry closed two unlicensed medicine storage units in the southern coastal city of Sidon Friday, a statement from the ministry reported.
At Southwark crown court in November he denied two counts of conspiracy relating to the manufacture and supply of an unlicensed medicine, and possessing an unlicensed medicine.
Summary: Defendant, who claims to have practised medicine in Russia, stopped for practicing unlicensed medicine in flat
Meanwhile, crackdown operation and strict legal actions would be taken against the unlicensed medicine sellers after 10 days of dateline to register their license.
Yesterday, the firm also announced it had signed an exclusive agreement with healthcare company Futura Medical plc to manufacture and make available a novel treatment for erectile dysfunction as an unlicensed medicine - or 'special' - in the UK.
An increase in unlicensed medicine being peddled on social media has triggered a Ministry of Health warning to members of the public.
The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency said: "Any retailers selling or supplying an unlicensed medicine containing nitrous oxide for inhalation purposes, or allowing it to be supplied other than in accordance with a prescription, are in breach of UK medicines regulatory requirements.
Investigators seized three million doses of unlicensed medicine and 100,000 fake pills.
The week-long effort saw PS6.5 million of internet-sold counterfeit and unlicensed medicine, seized worldwide in an operation called Pangea.
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) say the spray is an unlicensed medicine - and is illegal to sell, advertise or supply.