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A computer or television monitor with controls for studying and manipulating graphical or clinical images.
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Micro-Stripes is available for Pentium PCs and UNIX workstations. PC requirements are 32 MB of RAM and 18 MB of hard disk space for program storage.
Toronto station also has two engineering MMI Sun Microsystems SPARCstation LX UNIX workstations with 32 megabytes of memory and a 1.05-gigabyte disk drive for system administration, display building, and database management.
UNIX workstations are the fastest growing segment of the computer industry.
The solution can run on everything from low-end Unix workstations, through dusters of PCs to high-end SMP (Symmetric Multi Processing, or `shared everything') machines.
The software is available on Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000 platforms and UNIX workstations.
TradeServer joins Bynari's lineup of mail products for Linux and UNIX workstations. The new additions share the same programming code as the Linux versions.
The 3G Pack is available immediately for Microsoft Windows 95/NT and UNIX workstations.
The RS/6000 44P Model 270 and Model 170 are the first UNIX workstations to have copper-based microprocessors.
One observer, who attended SGI's NT roll-out circus, said that while SGI fielded a capable product it "attempted to sell NT workstations as a simple replacement for Unix Workstations. This violated one of the primary rules of marketing: 'Sell the customer a product appropriate for the place of purchase.' Put simply, this tells us that customers usually do not wish to purchase Cheeseburgers in a posh restaurant, even if they like Cheeseburgers.
The increased interface bandwidth is an essential ingredient for Windows NT and Unix workstations, video and Web servers, and Storage Area Networks (SANs).
One factor has been the arrival of software that runs on Windows-based PCs instead of Unix workstations. Software prices down to under $10,000 have also increased its appeal.
+Hewlett-Packard will cut the prices of its Unix workstations, the powerful desktop computers that engineers use, by up to 37 per cent, taking advantage of recent cost-reduction moves.