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An obligatory characteristic of univoltine species is a long diapause period during certain development phases.
fluminea in Lake Tahoe is univoltine, with reproduction in the late summer and low abundance of brooding veligers.
calidus appears to be employing a univoltine Type I breeding strategy (22) with incubgtion and larval development completed in a matter of weeks.
After a period of oviposition, the adult weevils disappear, suggesting the species is univoltine.
All other species examined are essentially univoltine and this time period would have covered the entire life-cycle from emergence; for this P.
Adaptive phenotypic plasticity and Its difference between univoltine and multivoltine populations in a bruchid beetle, Kytorhinus sharpianus.
The life cycle is univoltine and the adults overwinter in the litter (Hight et al.
Theoretical P/B values of 5 and 10 were used for several taxa considered to be univoltine and bivoltine, respectively (Waters 1977, Lugthart and Wallace 1992).
Western corn rootworm [Diabrotica virgifera virgifera (LeConte)] are univoltine (single generation per year) and have 3 larval developmental stages (Krysan, 1986).
Allonemobius fasciatus is found north of 40 [degrees] N latitude in North America, and has a short development time, a univoltine life cycle, an intense diapause, a long ovipositor, and large eggs.