Edinburgh University

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Edinburgh University,

institution of higher learning in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Edinburgh University solution - antiseptic wound irrigation solution. Synonym(s): Eusol
Eusol - Synonym(s): Edinburgh University solution
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Edinburgh BioQuarter is a joint venture between NHS Lothian, Scottish Enterprise, the University of Edinburgh and Alexandria Real Estate Equities, to boost developments in life sciences.
The University of Edinburgh and the PDC also get a seat each on the new Global Alliance governing board, joining representatives from the founder members.
Of 1,006 University of Edinburgh students who were studied, 945 (94%) were younger than age 21 years.
Visiting lecturer in English language, University of Edinburgh, 1969-70
The study was probably too small to examine mortality," wrote Rudolph Riemersma of the University of Edinburgh in an editorial accompanying the report.
EDINBURGH, Scotland -- TPP Global Development Ltd (TPP) announced an agreement with the University of Edinburgh to collaborate on the development of novel pre-clinical intellectual property originated within the University.
The University of Edinburgh reference: EC0576 MRI Project
Xia Nan will showcase the Terracotta Warriors for the first time in Scotland at University of Edinburgh later this month.
This new discovery is the result of a seven-year partnership between the University of Southampton and the University of Edinburgh.
Dr Nick Cross of the University of Edinburgh will present the new work on March 29 at the National Astronomy Meeting in Manchester.
Consultation and Cooperation in the History of Missions" is the theme for the 2010 conference of the Yale-Edinburgh Group on the History of the Missionary Movement and Non-Western Christianity, which will be held July 1-3 at the University of Edinburgh.
The $114M Scottish Center for Regenerative Medicine (SCRM) will be developed by the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Scottish Enterprise.
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