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An institution of higher learning. About 30 UK universities run medical degree programmes and receive money from various sources, including public funding for teaching and research through the Higher Education Funding Council for England.


An institution of higher learning that can grant a certificate of academic achievement

Patient discussion about university

Q. lately i am really depressed !! i was on my way to get to university ... i did this exam i had to do ... and i didn't get the grade i needed .. and that was one of the main terms to get into it . now , after i have received my grade , i have no idea what would happen with me .. my future is myste with fug and everything is blurry ... please does anyone has a good idea how to calm my self down ... ? to get me back on track ... ? i am afraid my life will not be as i want it to be ... and than what ?????

A. Listen, I understand you are stressed over your grades, which is fine and normal. However, one bad exam doesn't mean your entire professional life will be bad and that you won't succeed. If you feel like you want better grades, re-take the exams you can, and improve your grades. I believe that in order to succeed in life you need more than just grades, you need actual perseverance.

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