unit of length

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u·nit of length

1. metric system and SI: meter;
2. CGS system: centimeter;
3. variable in the English system: inch for short distances, foot for moderate distances and for elevation, mile for long distances.
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The present procedure for the award of a public contract is the delivery of 8 units of brand new (year 2014) city buses, low-floor including 6 units of length SN (11.
Using a linear model relies upon comparing units of length, using an area model relies upon comparing units of area and using a discrete model of fractions relies upon comparing abstract units composed of other units (abstract composite units).
Using healthcare situations for illustration, they describe the number system; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills; units of length, liquid volume, and weight; using a calculator; rounding; calculations with decimals; imperial units still in use; fractions and ratios; proportionality and "per"; percentages; miscellaneous math; and applications to areas such as dosages, fluid requirements for children, growth charts, and molar concentrations and chemical formulas.
L,c+c+r]--Heat flow, in units of length, which loses in the environment with conduction, convection and radiation, [([E.
Moreover, he is able to introduce natural units of length, mass, time, and temperature [4; [section]164].
Draw a sketch plan, or even a precise centimetre-square grid; or use a geoboard (a rectangular array of nails, using rubber bands to loop around corners of figures--a geoboard is an invaluable aid for teaching area and perimeter, because it allows easy construction of geometric figures, and easy counting of units of length and units of area).
For example, while the book has an intriguing miscellany section containing units of length, paper sizes, the Morse Code and even British money, there is no mention of units of volume or of measurement of temperature, which are valuable to those of us still struggling with the transition to metric measurement.
a built-in conversion function changes to and from metric units of length, weight, liquid measure and temperature.
for producing small-diameter flexible plastic tubes features modular units of length and an intensive spray-cooling system.
Measure, order and compare objects using familiar metric units of length, mass and capacity