unit of energy

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u·nit of en·er·gy

1. CGS system: erg, joule;
2. MKS system: newton-meter (joule);
3. FPS system: foot-poundal;
4. gravitational unit: gram-centimeter, gram-meter, kilogram-meter, foot-pound;
5. SI: joule.
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Nearly 52,000 units of energy is being produced using the photovoltaic solar panels as against the airport's power consumption of around 50,000 units daily.
In the title of the mural, E represents units of energy, M represents units of mass, and C 2 is the speed of light squared, or multiplied by itself.
2 units of energy for every unit of energy it takes -- making it more efficient than ethanol.
primaries creating aluminum from raw materials would save 1 trillion British thermal units of energy per year.
There is a universal biological clock, he says, "out it ticks in units of energy, not units of time.
0490 common units of Energy Transfer, or a combination of $25.
6 million units of energy from peak to off-peak hours in the fist phase of its initiative.
Our process yields nearly four units of energy for every unit of energy it consumes and has a life cycle carbon footprint that is 80% less than that for traditional gasoline.
NYSE: EPD) today announced that it has agreed to sell 700,000 common units of Energy Transfer Equity, L.
The new cost would protect over 7,000 commercial energy connections across the state, said Chaudhuri, on being asked how the units of energy absorbed at night would be measured independently from complete intake.
GHP is the most efficient heating and cooling technology available; for every unit of energy applied to the system, GHP technology gets four to six units of energy from the earth.
Remember, the energy stored in food is measured in units of energy called calories.