unit of energy

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u·nit of en·er·gy

1. CGS system: erg, joule;
2. MKS system: newton-meter (joule);
3. FPS system: foot-poundal;
4. gravitational unit: gram-centimeter, gram-meter, kilogram-meter, foot-pound;
5. SI: joule.
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He further said that according to preliminary estimates, if this technology is adopted in 10 million households only, it has the potential of saving 1750 million units of energy.
To understand this concept, imagine a building consuming 100 units of energy a year.
Fundamentally, several units of energy must be consumed at the plant, whether renewable, fossil-fuel, or nuclear, to provide one unit of hydrogen-based energy at the wheel of a hydrogen-powered car.
2 units of energy for every unit of energy consumed in energy production.
0490 common units of Energy Transfer, or a combination of $25.
Nearly 52,000 units of energy is being produced using the photovoltaic solar panels as against the airport's power consumption of around 50,000 units daily.
Remember, the energy stored in food is measured in units of energy called calories.
The new cost would protect over 7,000 commercial energy connections across the state, said Chaudhuri, on being asked how the units of energy absorbed at night would be measured independently from complete intake.
1 million limited partner Class G units of Energy Transfer Partners, L.