unit of length

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u·nit of length

1. metric system and SI: meter;
2. CGS system: centimeter;
3. variable in the English system: inch for short distances, foot for moderate distances and for elevation, mile for long distances.
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In what branch of science would a unit of distance called a "Parsec" be used?
Eratosthenes probably determined the circumference very well, but his value cannot be compared to modern results because of the unit of distance he used.
What is the basis for the unit of distance known as the astronomical unit?
The new wheel also offers an improved click-to-click scrolling option that results in familiar tactile feedback for each small unit of distance scrolled.
Deceleration gives gravity and wind more time to act per unit of distance. To make your job tougher, distance and wind become harder to read at long range, wind angle and velocity often vary at different points along the bullet's path, and the natural dispersion of your bullets grows with yardage.
If, for example, the transmission errors tend to move a point by at most 1 unit of distance, then Alice and Bob should choose their code points so that they ale at least 2 units apart.
The system can continuously measure CO, C[O.sub.2], HC, and NOx and calculate the weight of exhaust gas generated and fuel consumed per unit of distance. A built-in GPS receiver and a network of sensors track vehicle position, velocity and engine revolution data which is fed into a laptop PC with data logging software.
These flows are converted to [w.sub.ij]([L.sub.D]) by multiplying each flow value by the cost per trip per unit of distance times the number of shifts per time period.