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(spĕr′ē), Roger Wolcott 1913-1994.
American neurobiologist. He shared a 1981 Nobel Prize for studies of the organization and functioning of the brain.
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Unisys will work with Security First Corp., creator of the SecureParser[R] cryptographic technology used in the Unisys Stealth solution, to apply the solution for meeting the most stringent security and data availability requirements of military organizations, government agencies and commercial enterprises.
Clients who choose the ClearPath Cloud Development and Test Solution purchase a three-month development-and test-block license to use virtual resources in the Unisys hosted server cloud environment.
Unisys is among the first organizations to support Visual Studio 2005 Team System from Microsoft.
This situation was further compounded by the complexity of the decentralized Unisys marketing organization.
Unisys also achieved double-digit growth in enterprise security, its new ES7000 server sales, and reduced sales, general and administration expenses to 17% of revenue, down from 17.7% in 2002.
"We are excited to be working with Nuance to deliver high-quality speech recognition solutions that enable customers to expand their e-business options," said Joseph Yaworski, head of the Natural Language Understanding Business Initiative at Unisys. "Nuance speech recognition software is widely recognized as being among the most accurate and scalable on the market and has a proven record of success.
Unisys is a recognized leader in providing consistent, high quality integrated networking service.
Despite Data Bank costs that are four times higher than in the Unisys contract (see below), an executive of one of the largest malpractice insurance companies said that in 1992 there continue to be "rather frequent" data entry or keying errors in the many malpractice reports they submit to the Data Bank.
In addition to the ease of use provided by the icon-oriented interface, Windows 3.0 offers features that enhance the power and performance of Unisys PW[2] systems in networked environments.