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Etymology: L, visitare, to see often
1 n, a meeting between a practitioner and a client or patient. In the hospital and the home, the practitioner makes a visit to the patient; in the clinic or office the patient makes a visit to the practitioner.
2 v, (of a patient) to meet a practitioner to obtain professional services or (of a practitioner) to see a patient or client to render a professional service.


See Patient encounter. See Site visit.


An encounter between a patient and a health professional that requires either the patient to travel from his or her home to the professional's usual place of practice (office visit) or vice versa (home visit).


n a meeting between a health care professional and a patient for diagnostic, therapeutic, or consultative reasons, usually a scheduled appointment in a professional office. Also called
patient visit or
patient encounter.

Patient discussion about visit

Q. Can you get influenza after a dentist visit? I’ve been to the dentist yesterday and I woke up sick. Is it considered mal practice?

A. o..relax..first of all you can get the flu anywhere and anytime. Secondly- it takes more than a day to develop symptoms so yo probably got it from someone else. It’s not mal practice anyway, and stop thinking on how you can get money off your dentist :) here is a Southpark episode about it:

Q. when dirarear subsides what can i eat,its been 14 hrs since last visit to toilet

A. try dry toast.

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