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Chapter 1, "HTML building blocks," covers in just a few pages all you need to know about the structure of tags, the significance of specially used characters, and uniform resource locators (URLs).
URL Portfolio Manager [UPM] is a novel and powerful technology for collecting, indexing, searching, sorting, distributing, and managing large databases or portfolios of Uniform Resource Locators [URLs].
If you should find yourself in trouble you will find a functional troubleshooting guide, this will help you from the basic (e-mailing a friend) to more advanced areas like checking you have the correct URL (uniform resource locators).
Additionally, the paper includes URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) for several Web resources on accessibility, including a site created by the author based on the results of the evaluation study.
He provides the Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), or Web addresses, of important legal resources and explains what these sites contain.
A list of related Web sites and their uniform resource locators (URL) follows:
A: Those addresses with all the slashes are uniform resource locators (URLs).
Software programs that create hypertext linkages are called uniform resource locators (URLs).
However, most of them were supportive of the President, even bearing Duterte's name in their Uniform Resource Locators (URLs).
Statistics issued by the Interior Division regarding implementation status of National Action Plan (NAP) till August this year revealed that 937 Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), 10 websites of Proscribed Organizations (POs) against abuse of Internet and Social Media have been blocked under steps to dismantling communication networks of terrorists.
DOIs, uniform resource locators (URLs), ISBNs, and other unique identifiers can be added to researcher or group profiles as well.

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