Theodore Kaczynski

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The Unabomber. A Harvard graduate, cum Berkeley professor of mathematics, who became a hermit in Montana, from which he sent mail bombs to various representatives of what he perceived as an excessively high-tech society—causing 3 deaths and 23 injuries—before being caught, convicted and handed multiple life sentences to be served in federal prison
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Then it hit me: a newspaper photo of the Unibomber.
On one sketch he's written: "Wanted: Have you seen this man?" On another: "Unibomber."
He cites examples like the capture of the Unibomber after the publication of his manifesto in various newspapers to demonstrate how openness can lead to a more secure nation.
1990: In America, the Unibomber was sentenced to four terms of life imprisonment for an 18-year bombing campaign.
Let me also note that we've experienced domestic terrorist attacks from people who weren't acting from religion at all--the Unibomber or the Columbine and Virginia Tech shooters, for example--but rather from an egotistical grandiosity, warped perception of reality, feelings of alienation and isolation, or outright mental illness, or who perhaps felt an overwhelming need to literally go out with a bang.
Van Zant was part of the Waco, Texas debacle, and helped bring Ted Kaczynski, the Unibomber, to justice; he was involved in many more famous cases as well.
But three hundred hands of Texas Hold'em against 'The Unibomber', as Phil is known, and PokerProbot was walking home from the showdown, held in Las Vegas, without its shirt.
The judges praised Carter's cautionary drama about the Unibomber, which will be produced this season by Cleveland Public Theatre, as "a kaleidoscopic post modern exploration" of real-life events.
He's a chameleon and he can have so many different looks, and I just love him through and through, regardless of looking like Kenny Rogers and the Unibomber.
The professor, who helped track down the American Unibomber, added in a BBC Radio interview: "I think that in neither case is it credible to believe Hashimoto or Menem is principally responsible."
The most famous, of course, is the Unibomber. No one has questioned his brilliance.