Unfinished Business

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A coinage linked to Sir Liam Donaldson, chief medical officer of the UK Department of Health, who put forth proposals for modernising postgraduate medical training, in particular that of SHOs (senior house officers).
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As appealing and assured a comic performer as he is, the actor hasn't stretched or challenged himself in a long time; "Unfinished Business'' makes one hope, more urgently than ever, that he has something else up his sleeve on the next season of "True Detective.''
Glen Little has signed a one-year deal with Wrexham and says he has unfinished business at the club
But as readers will learn, each and every one of them has a legacy they've left behind, and each unfortunately left unfinished business. They most certainly would have done more had their time on earth been longer, but readers will be amazed at how many lives have been impacted by this handful of ordinary people.
Hypnosis in Handling Unfinished Business in Bereavement.
Unfinished Business, a Unesco report, states that human trafficking, sexual servitude and child labour have similar characteristics to historical slave systems, while the UN Office on Drugs and Crime discloses in its report, Trafficking in Persons, that in parts of West Africa and the Mekong region of southeast Asia, the majority of trafficking victims are children.
"I think he has got unfinished business in England.
London, July 17 (ANI): England captain Andrew Strauss has warned Australia that he has 'unfinished business' and he would try to grind them into the Lord's pitch today.
Before Logan can do so, he has some unfinished business to attend to.
Unfinished Business: How You Can Build Your Dream, Lose it, and Still Survive is the autobiography of Lorraine Lush, a truly remarkable female entrepreneur.
This acknowledgement also involves the recognition that Europe has 'unfinished business', to use the words of another speaker, Pierre Spoerri.