Undetermined Intent

The classification of a violent death or injury as undetermined, rather than labeling it as suicide, which would have a vastly different effect on the grieving survivors
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The National Statistics definition of suicide includes deaths given an underlying cause of intentional selfharm or an injury/poisoning of undetermined intent.
Deaths from gunshot injuries of undetermined intent are currently coded as accidents, thus under-representing homicides in Statistics South Africa data, and misrepresenting the real burden from homicide deaths.
Self-harm definition 2: as above, as well as any codes for poisoning, undetermined intent (ICD-10: Y10-19) or contact with sharp object, undetermined intent (ICD-10: Y28).
Of those, 86% were ruled as unintentional by the medical examiners' office, 11% were ruled suicides, 3% were described as of undetermined intent, and less than 1% were ruled homicides or pending (numbers do not add to 100% because of rounding).
9% concordance) and independently assigned undetermined intent (40.
3 percent for violent deaths of undetermined intent and 0.
It reveals the rate of deaths from suicide and injuries of undetermined intent in men over 15 in the North-east is 20.
The North-East has the highest age standardised death rates of people killing themselves and injuries of undetermined intent in both males and females aged 15 and over.
This stands in comparison with 12,548 people dying in 2003 "through nonsuicide gun violence, including homicides, accidents and cases of undetermined intent.
Thus, without further investigation, suspicious motor vehicle collision deaths may be better conceptualized as falling along a continuum of risky behaviours with varying or undetermined intent.
Around 45 per cent were as a result of self-poisoning and 16 per cent were of undetermined intent.
0001), while intentional self-harm, assaults and cases of undetermined intent were largely assigned as UCODs.