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A type of torture in which the victim’s head or body is immersed in excrement and urine
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BGR will be offering HydroCamel II at a competitive price compared to other underwater vehicles in the same category," says Tzvika Goldner, the CEO of BGR.
Kraken will supply and integrate its AquaPix[R] Miniature Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar and Real-Time SAS Signal Processor on the Atlas SeaCat Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV).
Different navy agencies such as the US and Canadian naval agencies are preparing to upgrade their undersea warfare by deploying UUVs such as autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) for a wide range of missions, including mine counter measure, harbor security, and search and salvage operations.
Her work on maintaining the energy of underwater vehicles in 2015 won Mahmoudian two prestigious awards for young faculty members from the National Science Foundation and Office of Naval Research.
We believe the combination of Newport News and ESD expertise will enable us to compete successfully in the unmanned underwater vehicle market, and we are excited to welcome ESD to our team.
The United States navy had successfully completed the tests of its robotic spy underwater vehicle, the GhostSwimmer unmanned underwater vehicle or UUV.
3 September 2013 a[euro]" Swedish defence and security firm Saab AB (STO:SAABB) said its fully-controlled unit Saab Seaeye Ltd had bought UK-based Hydro-Lek Ltd, a supplier of manipulators and tools for underwater vehicles, for an undisclosed sum.
It will include 35 ships, 18 unmanned underwater vehicles and more than 100 Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) divers.
By emulating fish, the device might be free of the propulsion and maneuverability difficulties that conventional unmanned underwater vehicles commonly exhibit.
We develop advanced capabilities including mine sweeping ships, helicopters, special purpose divers and now modern advanced unmanned underwater vehicles, all designed to hunt for, detect and neutralize kill mines.
CHRIS Lade has been appointed defence sales manager at Saab Seaeye, the world's largest manufacturer of electric remotely operated underwater vehicles.
The autonomous underwater vehicles are complex technical systems which safety and reliable operation deserves particular attention.

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